Office Cleaning

One of the best ways of ensuring that employees are productive and content in the workplace is by creating a clean, healthy working environment.  It creates a positive atmosphere and ensures that the work place is a safe, comfortable place to be.

Having a clean, tidy office is also important for your company’s image. It creates a good impression with clients and customers and lets them know that you take pride in your office and your brand.

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By hiring London Cleaner you can feel confident that your cleaning requirements are in the hands of reliable, professional cleaners who are used to working in corporate environments and understand the importance of doing a thorough job with minimum disruption.  Our professionals start work as you finish and can even work weekends if needs be.

Contracts can be agreed for daily, weekly, or one off cleaning – whatever suits you best – and prices start at £10 per hour (for a minimum of three hours) for contract cleaning and £13 per hour for one-off jobs.